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Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Strategic Communications Series #8

The politicalization of education has been a wake-up call to educators who have fallen victim to complacency. As social justice and equity has taken center stage, I've noticed educators are recalibrating and reminding themselves and each other that it's moral imperative to protect children and preserve their right to a high-quality education.

I've also noticed that many leaders have walked away. There's been lots of reasons, but in my circle of superintendents it wasn't because of their failure to protect children, it was their failure to protect themselves.

Superintendents are not good at self-care. Ask any superintendent and she or he will tell you that the job will gobble you up if you're not careful. The past twenty months has made self-care difficult.

Among the most useful strategies to combat burnout and the pressures associated with the current politicalization of education is to keep the focus on students. Communicating the great things going on at school is a communication commandment that requires pulse-taking and careful monitoring of what's happening around your district. Muir characterized the commandment as Thou Shalt Remember Children and Keep Them First.

Human interest attracts an audience with a thirst for what's good, particularly during these unprecedented times when the good is drowned out by all of the noise that seems to be more coveted, particularly as it spills out on social media outlets.

Here are a series of messages delivered in the spirit of celebrating the innocence of children and everything that is great about education, people, and community.


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