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I've served as a high school and middle school principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent for the past twenty-nine years. I am a research-practitioner. I have been a member of the California State University, Fullerton Department of Education faculty for the past fourteen years as a Superintendent in Residence, teaching doctoral level courses, supervising dissertations in practice, and serving on the Executive Committee for doctoral studies. My areas of expertise include strategic planning, governancedecision-making, leadership development and executive coaching, system analysis and reform, and performance management. As an experienced leader of leaders, I value building leadership capacity in my organizations by creating the conditions for leaders to succeed by providing them with the tools and support necessary to flourish in today's highly-charged and politicized education environment.

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Blanca E. Rubio

Assemblymember, 48th District

“Dr. Mucerino has separated himself from all of the Superintendents who have come before him in my 27 years as a member of the School Board. He identified our needs.  He worked with the entire Board and all stakeholder groups to develop a plan to meet those needs. Then he operationalized the plan. All of which he did effortlessly and seemingly within the blink of an eye."


Ken Bell, Board President

Duarte Unified School District



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"As the representative for California's 48th District Assembly District, I support all of the school districts in the 48th District. As a former teacher and former school board member, I closely follow the work that each of my school districts are engaging in with great interest and pride. I am particularly proud of the work being conducted in the Duarte Unified School District, under the leadership of their superintendent, Dr. Allan Mucerino."

Assembly Member Blanca E. Rubio


"It was an exciting experience to interact with Dr. Mucerino as he worked diligently not only to meet the letter and intent of the new legislation, but to develop a visionary district reform plan with the potential of creating change and leading to improved services and outcomes for all students.  The efforts he put into providing detail and clarity to CV's LCAP led to a truly actionable document that provided a road map for districtwide improvement."

Bonnie McFarland

Accountability, Support

& Monitoring


"In addition to his recognized on-campus abilities, Dr. Mucerino demonstrated an extraordinary capacity for dealing with the public, the business community, City Council members, etc. This talent is essential to success for anyone serving as a district superintendent. I highly recommend Dr. Mucerino to any board seeking an exceptional individual as their Superintendent of Schools."


Ginny Fay Aitkens, Vice President

Saddleback Valley USD Board of Education



"In all of my dealings with Allan, he has approached our issue in the spirit of cooperation and has always found a way to bring a smile and levelheadedness in order to achieve a positive outcome. I've always been impressed with how Allan approaches a problem and thoughtfully comes up with a solution benefiting each party. Finally, Allan's ability to convey a message publicly is second to none, Over the course of many presentations to my City Council, I've always received feedback that he was thorough, informative, and concise when presenting his topic."

Darrell George

City Manager

City of Duarte


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"All of a sudden we had a person who gave us hope.  We have never had anybody like this. I’ve been here since 1988, we’ve never had anybody this good."


Jack Foreman, President

Centinela Valley Secondary Teachers Association



"Since the beginning of our collaboration I've known Dr. Mucerino as an energetic educator, goal oriented, innovative, and a motivator.  He knows how to rally the troops because he is passionate about education and definitely works for the best interest of our children.  Allan has led a major reworking of our District's strategic educational vision and has been implementing based on the LCAP.  His efforts have significantly increased involvement from both classified and certificated in order to increase students achievement and forge a strong bond with the community at large."


Cesar Perez, President, Centinela CSEA Chapter 47


"Dr. Mucerino has proven to be exactly what we expected. While his accomplishments are many, to me, his greatest achievement in Alvord has been a human and social one. He restored our good reputation, our confidence and our sense of purpose. "

Robert D. Schwandt

School Board President


Bonnie McFarland

Accountability, Support & Monitoring

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