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Leadership Development & Embedded Coaching

Embedded professional learning in residence provides me the opportunity to observe/participate in Cabinet meetings, observe Board meetings, evaluation proceedings, or other "coachable" moment opportunities.

My expertise lies in district-turnarounds, adaptive leadership, context sensitivity, root-cause analysis, decision-analysis, system transformation related to structures and concomitant policies and practices, strategic planning, branding, and leadership development. I have led districts and school boards through a process to build the capacity to manage change. I also teach doctoral level leadership courses at California State University, Fullerton. During the COVID era, I focused much of my work on governance related to decentering and recentering.

Highly charged political and social realities, the absence of universally accepted goals and measures, and entrenched traditions of teacher isolation require culture-building and context sensitivity. As a school and district leader for twenty-nine years, I have learned that continuous school improvement is not a linear process. Savvy leaders focus on outcomes by creating the conditions for success. Relationship building, political acumen, judgment, and a personal touch are traits change agents must possess.


Embedded coaching allows me to take an organization's temperature. For a continuous improvement mindset to become institutionalized, the lead learner must forge a shared purpose. Successful change agents develop a culture of learning by identifying dispositions among adults, creating structures for professional learning and development, utilizing frameworks, and building capacity.

Read my essay, The Improvisational Art of Leadership for my perspective on framing and mobilizing meaning to bring to the surface the deeper issues of adult behaviors and their impact.

Learn more about how I can assist you below.


1:1 Coaching & Superintendent/Cabinet Team Development

As your thought partner, I assist with your professional goals from career mapping to resume development to interview preparation. For team coaching, I embed and support your goals of building capacity and a productive team culture.


Decision-Making Skill Development

If you do not use decision science as the foundation for decision-making you're vulnerable to internal and external attacks. I facilitate problem-solving and decision analysis processes that meet statutory requirements such as LCAP or 7/11 Committee work.


Board/Superintendent Relations & Strategic Planning/Branding

School district governance is not easy. Intentionality in developing processes and protocols support and sustain a team focused on student achievement. High-functioning governance teams articulate a shared vision, mission, and core values that guide strategic planning and maintain their brand.

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