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The Art of Communications

Educators communicate with diverse audiences. Ground zero is acknowledging your own biases and how the cumulative effect of your experiences shape your orientation and subsequently your world view. My view has been shaped equally by my upbringing in a Roman Catholic culture as the son of a Teamster who left school after the eighth grade to support his immigrant family and a telephone switchboard operator, and by my experiences as a K-12 and university level educator. 


The first principle education leaders should follow is assume others do not share your world view.  Get to know your audiences. Carefully choose your words. If you're delivering your message in person, be mindful of your body language too. 

Below are a series of essays on strategic communications. My communications strategy is motivated by my intense desire to connect with my audiences. Do you have a communications strategy? Call me to discuss it or refine it. If you don't have a communications strategy, it's time to consider developing one. How you communicate or how you don't is the story of your life (professional and maybe personal too).

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