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EDD622: Human Dimensions of Educational Change
Most change theories are flawed and have proven to not be useful in the context of education. Theories that have proven to yield results, on the other hand, are the focus of this course. Despite a track record of success, theories of action still require astute leadership to ensure that the barriers that commonly thwart reform efforts are not preventing school districts from implementing at the deepest level. A theory in use is only as useful as the people implementing it are skilled.


EDD605: Methods of Collection and Analysis of Assessment Data. 
Complexity and efficacy of using various types of data for making judgments at the system level about the effectiveness of instruction across classrooms and schools.


EDD 620: Ethical and Legal Dimensions of Leadership
Concepts of ethical philosophy (e.g., self-interest, free will, social responsibility, duty) are explored as the basis for legal standards (protection of individual rights, fair treatment, equality of opportunity, duty of care, public trust) through study of education case law that deals with instructional leadership.


EDD 604: Applications of Research: Forecasting and Planning. 
Theories and methods that promote accurate forecasting of the impact of social, economic, political, cultural, academic and demographic trends as they affect educational institutions. Emphasizes how these indicators can be used to engage effective planning.


EDAD503: Organizational Leadership. 
Using organizational theory and leadership studies to understand schools and how to bring about change in schools. Organization, structure and cultural context of schools and the study of techniques used to guide, motivate, delegate, build consensus and lead others in the achievement of goals. 


EDD 626A: Transforming Teaching and Schools through Resource Optimization in PreK-12 Education

Perspectives for how optimization of resources can transform education through multidisciplinary approach. Topics include identification of economic, social and political resources, innovative ways to develop new streams of resources and policies and procedures that increase highly productive ways to use resources.

EDD 621A : Leadership of Curricular and Instructional Practices

Current issues in curriculum design and implementation. Explores: forces affecting the curriculum; curriculum continuity and articulation; content trends in the subject areas; appropriate curriculum for students from diverse backgrounds; curriculum censorship; and effective instructional leadership for school curriculum improvement.


EDD 670C: Research Support Seminar

This seminar assists students in writing a critical review of the professional literature pertaining to the identified research problem.

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